Light and Laser Safety Solutions


Laser in aesthetic clinics

Laser is a technology with almost infinite potential. From the industrial sector, to entertainment or medicine, it has proven to be a viable and facilitating tool in many procedures. But perhaps the area that has experienced the greatest growth in its use in the last decade has been the interventions in aesthetic clinics. Its great versatility and adaptability make the laser the best companion for professionals in this type of establishments.

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Laser safety as a driver of innovation

Innovation in the field of technology is one of the main drivers of progress for our society. Tens of thousands of professionals around the world work every day to develop solutions that contribute to making our lives better. At ProCareLight, we provide customized tools for the safe implementation of one of these revolutionary technologies: the laser. Whether for industry, scientific research or the medical sector, this technology has become an important pillar in the development of innovation. 

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More than 2,000 professionals have already been trained at Laser Safety Academy

Introducing ProCareLight's initiative to promote laser safety training and unify the educational offerings we have been providing since 2013: Laser Safety Academy. Our team is formed by highly qualified specialists, ready to provide the best learning in this area together with the right partners. 

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LASERKUBIK booth installation in Hungary

In collaboration with the leading automated welding company Serra Soldadura, we have designed, built and installed a LASERKUBIK booth for an innovative laser cleaning system.

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