Laser safety services

Laser security program

It is the set of measures that the organization takes to guarantee user safety and compliance with legislation. The implementation process will be:

  • Identification of the people involve.
  • Laser risk assessment.
  • Decide a prevention plan.
  • Implement the plan.
  • ​Monitor and revise the plan

Elements of the plan:

Functions and responsibilities
The entrepreneur, the director, the laser security specialist, the head of laser safety (LSO - Laser Safety Officer), the group leaders, operators and third parties, all in the organization have a decisive role in terms of safety.

Administrative controls
They are all those measures that affect knowledge and how to perform actions such as supervision, training, signaling, procedures, security policy, local regulations, etc.

Engineering controls
They are the engineering devices that will prevent people from accessing exposure levels higher than the maximum exposure values.

They can be active or passive barriers, curtains, beam shutters, extraction, locks, interlocks, security windows, and others. They must have their characteristics and level of protection certified, and be CE marked (Royal Decree 159/95).

Individual Protection Equipment
Safety glasses are the main personal protective equipment when working with lasers.

Our laser security experts will advise you on choosing the most suitable devices to improve the safety of your laser systems.