Treatments, diagnostics, surgeries and cosmetics

It is compilsary for Hospitals, Eye surgents, Dental clinics and Cosmetic clinics to ensure that laser systems are used safely by staff on patients. This is the responsibility of the laser safety officer (LSO) who has the relevant knowledge and skills to carry out the initial laser hazard analysis as required by the Spanish Royal Decree 486/2010 that recently laid down the minimum requirements for the protection of workers from risks arising from exposure to laser and intense light.

After the hazard analysis, the LSO will decide on the appropriate procedures to be followed and precautions to be used according to the relevant standards and guidelines from technical commissions and standardisation organisations.

If you are unsure about laser safety, ProCareLight has the expertise to support you in developing and implementing a step by step laser safety program based upon:

  • Laser facilities audit
  • Equipment management
    • Laser specifications, Laser accessories, records and quality assurance
  • Laser hazard analysis
  • Procedures on how to use laser systems safely
  • Precautions to be used with laser systems (appropriate laser safety products)
  • Laser safety training

This program will demonstrate that your laser systems are used safely and that you comply with current legislation and standards.