Industrial laser applications

Laser systems are widespread in the industry and especially in sectors such as material processing (cutting and welding) and telecommunication (Optical Fibre Communication Systems – OFCS). It is obvious that an industrial laser cutting system and an OFCS operate in different ways and consequently they will have specific hazards. Your organisation needs to ensure your laser systems are used safely in accordance with specific standards and reports from various technical commissions and standardisation organisations.

It is the responsibility of the laser safety officer (LSO) to carry out the initial laser hazard analysis as required by the Spanish Royal Decree 486/2010 that recently laid down the minimum requirements for the protection of workers from risks arising from exposure to laser and intense light. The hazard analysis will not only identify laser hazards but also determine laser power or energy density necessary to decide appropriate protective and preventive measures.

ProCareLight provides laser security assistance with services such as:

  • Laser facilities audit
  • Laser systems management
  • Laser systems hazard analysis
  • Draft procedures to use laser systems safely
  • Precautions to be used (appropriate laser safety products)
  • Laser safety training

This will ensure:

  • Staff safety
  • Legislation and standard compliance