Indoor and outdoor lighting and laser shows

This section is intended for those who are involved with:

  • powerful laser systems of Class 3B, Class 4 or non-visible Class 3R that are intended for entertainment purposes outdoor or in places such as arenas, theatres or planetaria.
  • Lighting systems.

If laser systems are not used properly, they can cause very serious eye injuries to operators, staff, performers or spectators. Your organisation needs to ensure your laser systems are used safely in accordance with specific standards and guidelines from various technical commissions and standardisation organisations.

As we are exposed to lighting systems for long periods of time, safety and discomfort need to be carefully assessed covering hazards such as:

  • Actinic UV hazard (200 – 400 nm)
  • Retinal blue light hazard (300 – 700 nm)
  • Skin thermal hazard (380 – 3000 nm)

It is the responsibility of a specialist to carry out the laser or light hazard analysis as recently laid down in the Spanish Royal Decree 486/2010 and to decide appropriate protective and preventive measures.

If you are unsure about laser or light safety, ProCareLight has the expertise to support you in establishing a step by step safety program that will include the following items.

  • Audit of facilities
  • Laser systems management
  • Laser and light systems hazard analysis
  • Draft procedures on how to use laser systems safely
  • Precautions to be used (appropriate laser safety products)
  • Laser and light safety training

This will ensure:

  • Staff safety
  • Client trust
  • Legislation and standard compliance