Custom systems

Powerful laser systems of Class 3B and Class 4 are often used by universities and research institutes in disciplines such as Physics, Medicine, Metrology and Spectroscopy. According to laser accident statistics, direct ocular hit during beam alignment without appropriate protection still happens.

To prevent accident, a laser hazard analysis has to be carried out by a specialist as requested by the Spanish Royal Decree 486/2010. However, in research, this can prove very challenging because of the complexity of the experimental set up and the ever changing conditions.

ProCareLight has developed a unique database that enables the easy logging and changing of all your laser specifications. This will facilitate laser hazard analysis and we will determine the appropriate procedures to be followed by your laser users and precautions to be taken in accordance with relevant standards and guidelines from various technical and standardisation commissions.

We will support you and your organisation in establishing a program that will include the following steps.

  • Laser facilities audit
  • Laser hazard analysis
  • Management of laser safety the adequate information  for quality assurance
  • Prepare procedures to use laser systems safely
  • In collaboration with your staff
  • Define precautions to be used with laser systems (appropriate laser safety products)
  • Laser safety training

This program will demonstrate not only that your laser systems are used safely but also that your operators are safe and your organisation complies with current legislation and relevant standards.