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Interview with Ambroise Vandewynckèle about AIMEN LASER 2023

We interviewed Ambroise Vandewynckèle in relation to the AIMEN LASER 2023 Conference.

Ambroise Vandewynckèle holds a dual degree in engineering from France and Spain, as well as certifications as a welding engineer and a metal additive manufacturing engineer through direct energy deposition (DED) with laser by the European Welding Federation. Currently, he is responsible for ...
Interview with Joseba Andoni Zubia on the XIII Optoelectronics Meeting OPTOEL 2023

We had the pleasure of interviewing Joseba Andoni about his participation in the OPTOEL congress.

Joseba has a PhD in Physical Sciences, and currently teaches in the Master in Advanced Electronic Systems at the University of the Basque Country, within the School of Engineering of Bilbao.

Through this interview, we can learn more about his vision of laser safety in research and the XIII Optoelectronics Meeting OPTOEL 2023.

Este año se ha celebrado la 13ª edición de OPTOEL, la reunión del Comité de Optoelectrónica de SEDOPTICA. ¿Qué hemos visto este año en el congreso OPTOEL? El comité organizador preparó un gran programa con ...
Master of Laser in Dentistry for the University of Barcelona

ProCareLight collaborates with the University of Barcelona to teach its Master of Laser in Dentistry at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Through a module of 8 hours in total, we train students on how to use the laser in dental interventions in a safe way, both for the patient and for the professionals. We thank the University of Barcelona for trusting us to continue training the future generation of dentists in Catalonia. In this ...
Interview with Rosa Ana Pérez Herrera on the II Workshop Women in Optics and Photonics

Recently, we had the pleasure of interviewing Rosa Ana Pérez Herrera. 

Rosa has a degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Cantabria and a PhD from the Public University of Navarra with mention of European Doctor, thesis for which she was awarded with the Extraordinary Doctorate Prize by the Public University of Navarra. 

From 2007 to the present, she has been teaching at the same university.

Through this interview, we can learn more about her vision of the role of women in engineering, along with the expectations for the II Workshop Women in Optics and Photonics.

      In 2019, the I Workshop Women, Optics and Photonics was held. The pandemic years have passed and now we are just around the corner of the 2nd Edition of the same Workshop. What are we going to see and learn about this year?   This 2nd Workshop is proposed as ...
Laser in aesthetic clinics

Laser is a technology with almost infinite potential. From the industrial sector, to entertainment or medicine, it has proven to be a viable and facilitating tool in many procedures. But perhaps the area that has experienced the greatest growth in its use in the last decade has been the interventions in aesthetic clinics. Its great versatility and adaptability make the laser the best companion for professionals in this type of establishments.

  There are a multitude of uses for this technology in this field, from interventions focused on the cure of a dermatological condition or other purely aesthetic ones. Let us take a look at some of the best known examples: - Laser hair removal: When we talk about the use of laser in an ...
Laser safety as a driver of innovation

Innovation in the field of technology is one of the main drivers of progress for our society. Tens of thousands of professionals around the world work every day to develop solutions that contribute to making our lives better. At ProCareLight, we provide customized tools for the safe implementation of one of these revolutionary technologies: the laser. Whether for industry, scientific research or the medical sector, this technology has become an important pillar in the development of innovation. 

If you choose laser as one of your preferred ways of working to innovate in your field, the safety of people and facilities must be the absolute priority. Any professional activity carried out with this technology can never be separated from prevention. In addition, current legal regulations ...
More than 2,000 professionals have already been trained at Laser Safety Academy

Introducing ProCareLight's initiative to promote laser safety training and unify the educational offerings we have been providing since 2013: Laser Safety Academy. Our team is formed by highly qualified specialists, ready to provide the best learning in this area together with the right partners. 

More than 2,000 users and professionals of laser technology in Spain and Portugal have received basic training in some of its versions. In addition, we have trained 180 new Laser Safety Officers through our advanced level courses. These figures demonstrate the great acceptance of our courses by the ...
LASERKUBIK booth installation in Hungary

In collaboration with the leading automated welding company Serra Soldadura, we have designed, built and installed a LASERKUBIK booth for an innovative laser cleaning system.

The innovative laser cleaning technology is being introduced in factories and assembly lines, especially in the automotive sector and in this case in Hungary for the cleaning of the Front Subframes of the Volkswagen MEB41. The device manufacturer TRUMPF has designed new devices that can deliver ...
Procarelight: Experts in laser protection glasses

At ProCareLight, our number one priority is working to ensure the safety of workers wherever they operate laser machinery. Of course, one of the areas we must take special care of is eyesight. Working with lasers without proper protective eyewear can cause injuries of varying severity, some of them irreversible. In addition, choosing glasses optimized for the laser systems that workers use is essential, since not all of them offer the ideal protection against the vast typology of existing machinery in our sector. 

Companies must ensure that their eyewear meets all the specific requirements for laser handling, depending on the particularities of the machinery. Specifically, essential aspects such as power, wavelength, amplitude and divergence of the laser beam, pulse duration and repetition frequency, among ...
Procarelight is now providing Laser Safety services in Portugal

Several companies and Research Centers in Portugal have already trusted our Laser Safety specialists for the training of LSOs (Laser Safety Officer), and the installation of our safety products for laser-operating machinery.


On the one hand, the advanced training course for LSOs is perfectly adaptable for the legislation, normative, and casuistry of each country, in this case, Portugal. On the other hand, we take advantage of the current technologies for conducting our advanced course in our Virtual Classroom ...
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