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Noticias / More than 2,000 professionals have already been trained at Laser Safety Academy

More than 2,000 professionals have already been trained at Laser Safety Academy

Introducing ProCareLight's initiative to promote laser safety training and unify the educational offerings we have been providing since 2013: Laser Safety Academy. Our team is formed by highly qualified specialists, ready to provide the best learning in this area together with the right partners. 

More than 2,000 users and professionals of laser technology in Spain and Portugal have received basic training in some of its versions. In addition, we have trained 180 new Laser Safety Officers through our advanced level courses. These figures demonstrate the great acceptance of our courses by the industrial, scientific and medical society.

We provide training at various levels for all types of professionals who use lasers, such as:

- Laser machinery design engineers.

- Health and safety at work managers

- Maintenance technicians

- Researchers in technology centers or universities

- Doctors and health personnel who need to make use of lasers in their interventions.

- Professionals in a position to assume safety responsibilities for laser equipment.

- Workers who could be exposed to radiation in various scenarios.


We focus on adapting the level, content and duration of the training actions to the needs of each of the recipients and to the particularities of their organization or job. In this way, we ensure optimized and practical learning for their day-to-day activities. In this way, we also contribute to improve the understanding of the internal procedures and standards that guarantee the safety of working with lasers.

Royal Decree 486/2010 in Spain and Law 25/2010 in Portugal oblige companies whose workers are exposed to optical radiation from lasers to receive training on the risks that this activity may entail. These ordinances represent the transposition into the respective legal systems of Directive 2006/25/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 5, 2006 on the minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to risks arising from physical agents (artificial optical radiation).

Laser Safety Academy adapts to the needs of each organization by offering all possible training modalities, both for employees who must operate laser machinery safely and for professionals who wish to broaden their skills.