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LASERKUBIK booth installation in Hungary

In collaboration with the leading automated welding company Serra Soldadura, we have designed, built and installed a LASERKUBIK booth for an innovative laser cleaning system.

The innovative laser cleaning technology is being introduced in factories and assembly lines, especially in the automotive sector and in this case in Hungary for the cleaning of the Front Subframes of the Volkswagen MEB41.

The device manufacturer TRUMPF has designed new devices that can deliver up to 2 KW of infrared radiation in the form of pulses, capable of removing residues from previous welding operations and thus preparing the manufactured part for the finishing stages.

The LASERKUBIK laser protection cabin that we designed and installed has dimensions of 4.5 x 2.75 m, a total height of 4 m, and provides the necessary protection for the operation of the new TRUMPF Tru-Micro laser and the protection of the rest of the machinery and workers.


"It is essential to prevent direct or diffuse optical radiation that can be produced in laser manufacturing processes from reaching people, as it could cause permanent injuries, especially to their eyesight." JM Silvestre. PROCARELIGHT CEO


It should be remembered that European Union legislation obliges companies to take measures to avoid exposing workers to artificial optical radiation, through Directive 2006/25/EC, which has been transposed into the legislation of all member states.

PROCARELIGHT offers its LASERKUBIK enclosures for production cells, facilitating the use of laser technology with total safety and helping its customers to comply with the obligations for the health of their workers, in terms of protection against radiation from laser systems.

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