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Laser safety as a driver of innovation

Innovation in the field of technology is one of the main drivers of progress for our society. Tens of thousands of professionals around the world work every day to develop solutions that contribute to making our lives better. At ProCareLight, we provide customized tools for the safe implementation of one of these revolutionary technologies: the laser. Whether for industry, scientific research or the medical sector, this technology has become an important pillar in the development of innovation. 

If you choose laser as one of your preferred ways of working to innovate in your field, the safety of people and facilities must be the absolute priority. Any professional activity carried out with this technology can never be separated from prevention. In addition, current legal regulations stipulate that any worker who may be exposed to optical radiation, including lasers, must be trained on the risks involved and how to avoid them

Another point to note is that the risk associated with this technology may not be as obvious as with other mechanical tools. Since the laser may be invisible in many of its applications, we must be even more rigorous in following all the necessary rules.

Beyond the obvious, we are confident that taking special care for laser safety can bring incredible benefits for creatives. Leaving any fear of an accident at work behind means eliminating any possible barriers to the realization of their ideas. Often, the most innovative projects only need the removal of external obstacles to become a reality. That is why at ProCareLight we want to continue empowering these restless minds, paving their way towards the creations of tomorrow.

We optimize our educational offerings to the needs of each company, research center or medical park, among others. We train Laser Safety Officers, a new class of highly specialized professional, capable of ensuring the safe implementation of lasers anywhere. We create booths and other custom enclosures to adapt such machinery to your facilities. 

At the same time, we help you to comply with the legal regulations at European level, both in the requirements to be met by the machinery and in the training that your workers must receive.

All these activities pursue the same goal: to make you love this technology as much as we do, and to put everything you need within your reach so that the project you dream of sees the light of day in the safest possible way.

If you think we can help you in your innovation process, do not hesitate to contact us.

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