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Procarelight: Experts in laser protection glasses

At ProCareLight, our number one priority is working to ensure the safety of workers wherever they operate laser machinery. Of course, one of the areas we must take special care of is eyesight. Working with lasers without proper protective eyewear can cause injuries of varying severity, some of them irreversible. In addition, choosing glasses optimized for the laser systems that workers use is essential, since not all of them offer the ideal protection against the vast typology of existing machinery in our sector. 

Companies must ensure that their eyewear meets all the specific requirements for laser handling, depending on the particularities of the machinery. Specifically, essential aspects such as power, wavelength, amplitude and divergence of the laser beam, pulse duration and repetition frequency, among others, must be taken into account. As we can see, choosing the right laser protective eyewear is a task that requires great care and attention for all those companies that carry out such tasks.

From ProCareLight, we can advise you in the process of finding the glasses that best suit your activity. Recently, we worked with an aesthetic clinic, whose operators had two glasses in a deteriorated state. In addition, they were using a very inexpensive model, not optimized for the laser model of the manufacturer's machinery. The fact of working with this type of glasses produced a sharp eyestrain on the part of the clients, together with the fact that they visualized the laser light with a sharp red color.

After having accompanied them in the process of finding the right glasses for them, they were able to start working with very high protection glasses, fully optimized for the machinery in use, in a very intense black color.

If you also need advice to choose the best protective eyewear for you, at ProCareLight we have all the tools to help you. We are also distributors of the prestigious Italian brand Univet, with more than 20 years of experience in the design and creation of goggles suitable for all types of laser activities.

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