Design and specification of protections

Laser Safety Enclosures

Robotic cells that incorporate lasers used in the automotive, aeronautical and aerospace industries, and for the manufacture of industrial components. It ensures a safe working environment with laser systems both in production and in research and development.

  • It has adjusted and customized dimensions for each installation.
  • Possibility of integrating a safe workspace for operation and supervision.
  • Verification of the complete isolation of the laser equipment.

LASERKUBIK  guarantees a safe work environment thanks to:

  1. Cabin isolated to 4 walls with practicable or fixed roof.
  2. Doors and modular panels for laser protection.
  3. Acoustic protection doors and panels with noise reduction.
  4. Access doors and individual or cargo protection.
  5. Visors for safe operation, defined individually.
  6. Continuous or discontinuous operation capacity.
  7. Enclosure according to the requirements of European standard EN60825-4.
  8. Facilitates compliance with workplace safety regulations: Directive 2066/25/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 5, 2006 or its corresponding national decrees (RD486/2010 in Spain).