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Noticias / Procarelight is now providing Laser Safety services in Portugal

Procarelight is now providing Laser Safety services in Portugal

Several companies and Research Centers in Portugal have already trusted our Laser Safety specialists for the training of LSOs (Laser Safety Officer), and the installation of our safety products for laser-operating machinery.


On the one hand, the advanced training course for LSOs is perfectly adaptable for the legislation, normative, and casuistry of each country, in this case, Portugal. On the other hand, we take advantage of the current technologies for conducting our advanced course in our Virtual Classroom mode.

This is how the training is developed and adapted for the LSO professionals in Portugal. CLICK HERE 

We also collaborate with the Technical Institute of Lisbon on the adapted installation of one of our CUBEFRAME in their laser laboratory infrastructure. This installation was performed successfully thanks to the collaboration of their professionals and the personalization of the investigation space on which TIL investigators are working on.

These actions and the next ones to come, have allowed us to adapt all our documentation and corporate image to the Portuguese language, and include all the specific norms of Portugal.


ProCareLight widens its range of laser safety services and products in Portugal


We want to thank the Portuguese companies and Research Centers for their trust in us and our products and services concerning Laser Safety. We are pleased to announce our latest updates for adapting our offer to our clients in Portugal:

-       Adaptation of our TRAINING COURSES for the particularities of the Portuguese legislation on the matter of Laser Safety, from the basic to the advanced level.

-       Virtual Classroom for our online Laser Safety courses.

-       New AssiLaser service for auditory and monitoring, to optimize the management of the evaluation of risks on Laser Safety, with personalized actions for each company or Research Center.

-       NEW PRODUCTS: in addition to our known LASERKUBIK cabins and enclosures, and our CUBEFRAME organization system, we counsel about the most adequate protective equipment for each laser installation: glasses, windows, curtains, access control systems, safety signage, specific software, and infrared visors.


We invite you to visit our new website in Portuguese on THIS LINK