Laser safety services

Management of safety information

In ProCareLight we have developed a web portal that allows you to easily manage data, specifications and information related to the safety of your laser systems and light sources. This portal is exclusive for you and can be adapted to your needs.

Our database can host, manage easily and keep constantly updated all your laser and intense light information:

  • Authorised user(s)
    • Job description
    • Training
  • Laser and light emitting systems
    • Technical specifications
    • System log book (modifications, maintenance & calibration)

  • Safety eyewear
    • Technical specifications
    • Log book (quality assurance)
    • Record of periodic reviews
  • Safety procedures and documents
    • Accessible by authorised user(s)
    • Record staff awareness of safety procedures and documents

The adequate management of information make easier the risk analysis and the appropriate selection of security products.