Protection against ultra-fast lasers

Training in Ultrafast Laser Safety

Ultrafast lasers entail specific risks and procedures due to their nature.

International Electrotechnical Commission technical report IEC-TR60825-14 (Chapter 3) states that all employees using laser systems and light sources should be trained in laser safety, and that organizations using the systems Class 3R laser (invisible), 3B or 4 should have a laser safety officer (LSO ) with the necessary technical knowledge.

In accordance with Article 8 of Royal Decree 486/2010, training includes the specific risks of ultrafast lasers and appropriate preventive measures when using such lasers.

Training sessions can be basic level or advanced (for LSO).

At ProCareLight we offer the most suitable ultrafast laser safety training in customized formats for each profile.

  Advanced training Basic training

Research and
Applications development

Responsable of
occupational hazards

Design technicians of
laser product

Design and manufacture of machinery

Development Technicians

Laser operators

Laser technology users

responsable of
occupational hazards and
responsible of
Laser operators