Protection against ultra-fast lasers

Risks of Working with Ultrafast Laser

At ProCareLight we provide assistance in the risk assessment of systems that incorporate ultrafast lasers so appropriate measures can be taken to reduce or eliminate them.

  • Technical audits in accordance with the applicable standards to each case.
  • Technical risk analysis.

- Limit values
- Measurement or calculation of accessible exposures

  • Improvement recommendations.
  • Web system for recording data from evaluated systems.
  • Development of working procedures and/or safety guidelines.

This service is aimed at providing technical assistance to the departments of Occupational Safety and Health of research organizations and companies that use ultrafast lasers.

The service will be configured to suit the specific needs and profile of each organization.


Risk assessment/



Research and
Applications development

Detailed evaluation according to assemblies and experiments

Periodic review of laboratory safety measures

Design and manufacture of machinery

Identification, risk assessment of machines

Periodic review of laboratory safety measures

Laser technology users

Technical assistance to risk assessment

Periodic audit of security measures