Design and specification of protections

Design and specification of protections

We offer our integrated solutions for laser working environments:

LASERKUBIK: we design and advise on enclosures for laser systems:

  • Protection of the laser system against environmental interference
  • Safety for operators
  • Custom design for each need
  • Specifications and / or recommendations of individual and collective protection equipment

CUBEFRAME: the balanced, complete and safe solution for the optical laboratory..

We also supply and offer advice on the most appropriate laser safety products depending on the applications and conditions of your installation. For example:

  • Laser and intense light protection glasses 
  • Warning signs
  • Safety windows
  • Barriers and curtains
  • Systems for stopping or sealing of laser beams
  • Blocking systems

All laser safety products sold in the European Union must carry the CE mark (Real Decreto 159/95 and Directiva Europea 89/686/EEC).