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Últimas notícias e atualizações

A Procarelight já oferece seus serviços de Segurança Laser também em Portugal

Empresas e Centros de Investigação em Portugal já confiaram em nossos especialistas em segurança laser para a formação de LSOs (Laser Safety Officer) e instalação dos nossos produtos de segurança laser para máquinas específicas que incorporam lasers.


Por um lado, nossos cursos de formação avançada LSO adaptam-se perfeitamente à legislação, regulamentação e casuística de cada país, neste caso Portugal. Por outro lado, aproveitamos as tecnologias atuais para realizar nosso ...
Novo serviço para a comercialização de produtos laser nos Estados Unidos

Registro de produtos laser no FDA (CDRH)

Os produtos a laser a serem comercializados nos Estados Unidos da América devem ser registrados no CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health), um departamento pertencente ao FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

Our technical team has gained the methodology and knowledge to import laser devices into United States, following the official procedures of the FDA. We can take care of the entire technical-administrative process, from preparing the documentation and submitting it to the CDRH to obtaining ...
Nova aula virtual para formação de segurança laser

Modalidade com os mesmos benefícios

Lançamos nossa Aula Virtual para continuar oferecendo nossos cursos básicos e avançados de Segurança Laser. Adaptamos os procedimentos e os conteúdos programáticos para continuar treinando os profissionais que atuam em ambientes com máquinas a laser.

Facing the new way of life, our laser safety experts continue to offer training courses with health guarantees and, to facilitate access to this training, we have launched a new Virtual Classroom. We have adapted the methodology and the agenda so that it can be followed through ...
Procarelight announces new laser safety courses

Procarelight will carry out new laser safety courses in Bilbao and Castelldefels. These courses will deal with the basic principles of light and laser, skin and eye risks and safe practices. In Bilbao (Spankor) it will be from January 22 to 23 the advanced and 24 the basic. On the other hand, in Castelldefels (ICFO) the basic one will be held on April 23 and the advanced one from 29 to 30.

The objective of the basic course is to raise awareness about laser safety and intense light to personnel who are in contact with systems that make use of the above. Staff will learn to protect others and also from the risks of accidental exposure to class 3R, 3B and 4 lasers. As for the ...
ProCareLight at the XII Conference on Materials Processing with Laser Technology

ProCareLight participates as sponsor of the XII edition of the Materials Processing with Laser Technology Conference, organized by AIMEN Technological Center of the next 29 and 30 September 2016 in O Porriño (Pontevedra).

These days, which reach its twelfth edition, have already settled as an important international meeting between researchers, professionals and users of laser technology applied to the processing of materials. Every year, they have become an essential date in which the latest advances in laser ...