Design and specification of protections

LaserBee Laser Safety Software

For those who need to perform laser safety calculations frequently.

LaserBee laser safety software

LaserBee laser safety software automatically performs the calculations specified in the European standards EN 60825-1, EN 60825-2, EN 60825-14, EN 207, and EN 208.

It may run on Windows, Mac or Linux  computers.

LaserBee main features are:

  • Complies with the current versions of EN  60825-1, EN 60825-2, EN 60825-14, EN 207, EN 208 and IEC equivalents, including the latest version EN  60825-1:2014;
  • Continuous wave (CW)configurations, single pulse or repetitive pulses for  free space propagated laser as well as for fiber optic sources in the full range of wavelengths and times specified in the standards;
  • Calculates Accessible Emission Limits (AELs), Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE), Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance  (NOHD); Extended Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance  (ENOHD) and performs the classification of the laser;
  • Determines the level of protection required for laser protection goggles (EN 207) and alignment goggles (EN 208) according to the latest standards and also performs MPE-based optical density calculations;
  • Also AEL, MPEs, and NOHD calculations with extended sources can be performed.


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