Design and specification of protections

Diagnostic Equipment

When you need to see the invisible.

Many laser applications use wavelengths between 700 nm and 2 microns. Exposure to laser at these wavelengths is extremely dangerous as it may reach the retina and cause permanent injury.

Infrared viewers allow you to see these radiations easily and directly, and some models, to record the images obtained.

It is an essential tool in the tasks of

  • surveillance and monitoring of the safety of laser installations;
  • observation, register and recording of indirect and direct radiation from IR lasers, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and other infrared sources;

They are also very useful for

  • IR laser beam alignment and inspection;
  • fiber optic alignment;
  • telecommunications;
  • surveillance and research in botany, biophysics, medicine, forensics and art restoration, infrared microscopy, fluorescence, etc.


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